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 Peaslake Childcare, provided by Jackie Kennedy


I have been living in Peaslake since 1999 and became a registered childminder in 2009. Prior to starting my own practice ‘Peaslake Childcare’ I held various nanny positions to several local families. Until 2009 I was also a volunteer at our local school to help the children practise their reading. In addition, I regularly helped out at lunch times and in the swimming pool changing rooms for the school. I live with my husband, a West Highland White Terrier dog and two Mini Lop rabbits.

My house is surrounded on two sides by a lovely flat mainly grass garden and contains a trampoline, swings, and numerous toy scooters and cars. Inside I have a playroom stocked with puzzles, games, educational toys, books, dolls, cars and so on and so on! I have toys suitable for a range of different aged children from young babies to seven and eight year olds.

We are situated in the centre of the village and I currently walk to Peaslake School and home again most days, or sometimes several times a day! If at all possible, I prefer to walk rather than drive, as I feel exercise gives children a very good and healthy start to life.

I can offer a range of activities such as arts and crafts, trips to the local garden centre to visit the animals (as well as the plants!), story time, puzzles, games, singing and making music sessions, nature walks in the Hurtwood, visiting the ducks, attending the local toddler groups, and much more.

With my experience of bringing up my daughters and the various positions I have held, I feel I can offer a loving, caring and stimulating environment where children can develop to their full potential.



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